Impromptu Music


Client Reflections


Luke and Joel O'Dae

We love it here! "this was the best week of my life" Luke.

Dr Phillip McIntyre

This place has a really great vibe "Don't change a thing, its great here" Phillip

Mark Tinson

"You spoil us man"

Adam Miller

"I just get so much more done here"

Brain Daly

it's always a pleasure..

Mark Wells

see Mark's video "Sly" recorded during his sessions with local producer and engineer Rob Long

Bruce Mathiske

These software tutorials are great












203 Maitland Road

Tighes Hill NSW 2297

Phone 02 4962 2322

Impromptu music is central to the Newcaslte region our facility offers a wide range of current and vintage equipment. We have a diverse range of instruments to enhance the artists creative moods. Our client base is diverse and ranges form Classical Ensembles, Jazz to Hard Rock. We offer a wide range of support services including file archiving and various recording, audio software application and musical tuition. The studio is available for hire with and without engineer as an induction process is offered to prospective industry professionals wishing to use the Impromptu Music facility.


Studio Recording enquire here


We use the following software:

Cubase 8 also have previous versions back to Cubase SX and VST

Pro Tools 12

Vegas Pro 12

Soundforge 10

CD Architect 5.2


We also offer the following recording options:

Mackie HDR2496 24 track digital recorder

We use SSL Alphalink Madi AX and RME HDSP9652 converters

We use the SSL Nucleus control surface


Monitoring, Amplifers and Preamps


We use Dynaudio BM15A, Yamaha NS10 and Alessis Monitor One speaker systems and Sennhesiser HD280pro and AudioTechnica ATHM50 headphones.

We have an extensive range of Guitar Amplifiers and FX processors catering for all musical styles. Including amplifiers from;

Laney (VC15R and LC15R)

Marshall (JCM900) Fender (Super Reverb 4x10)

Roland (JC120, Cube 60, Studio Bass 100)

Peavey (Classic 100 Head and 4x12 Cab, Classic VT 4x10)

Seymour Duncan (Convertible 100)

Fishman SA220 (acoustic instrument amplifier)

Ampeg (SVT Bass preamp) Yamaha (FX770 Guitar FX and preamp

Roland (VG99 Guitar FX and preamp, G33 guitar synth)

We have a range of Valve, Solid State and Digital microphone preamps. Including the following models

Aphex (Tubessence 107) LA Audio (MLX2) Presonus (Digimax. MP2)

Universal Audio (4-710d) Neve (34128 channel strips) SMpro (EP84)

Behringer (AD8000) Mackie Onyx 800R

Our Microphones include both classic and current models with over 60 various Dynamic, Condenser and Ribbons to choose from.

AKG, Audio Technica, Behringer, Beyer, Crown, DPA, EV, MXL, Rode, Sennheiser, Shure, SMpro and others

Musical Instruments


We have a range of Keyboards, Guitars and Percussion instruments catering for diverse musical styles. Instruments include:

Keyboards Ensoniq KT88, Roland, Yamaha C3 Grand Piano, Kawai, Hammond B3000 and Leslie, Fender Rhodes

Virtual Instruments Avid, Steinberg, East West and various others

Guitars and Bass from Agile, Aria, Alvarez, Cole Clark, Epiphone, Esteve, Fender, Fernandes, Gibson, Godin, Guild, KYiari, Martin, Matsuoka, Takamine, Vintage, Yamaha

Percussion from Premier 5 piece Drum Kit, Sabine cymbals, Jembe, Congas and various hand percussion.


The Rooms

Guitar Orchestra (IMGO) enquire here


The Impromptu Music Guitar Orchestra (IMGO) is calling for more players to join. This is an exciting ensemble of jazz and classical guitars that includes Contra Bass, Bass, Prime, Terz, Alto and Soprano guitars.

IMGO supplies all the guitars and scores for the orchestra and all rehearsals are held at Impromptu Music's recording studio.


Impromptu Music Guitar Orchestra

The guitar orchestra will meet each Monday evening during the NSW School Term between 7pm and 10pm. All instruments and materials for rehearsals is provided for the sessions by IMGO.

The only prerequisite is a sight reading skill at approximately 4th grade AMEB level, as most parts are melodic lines.